Congratulations to the lucky investors who bought and hoarded WEL with the exclusive price in 2021. And time will never come back.

With wonderful development strategies, Welups has built a solid technology foundation, a diverse application ecosystem and officially launched the Welups Mainnet version at the Outside the Block event, taking place in December 2021 in Dubai. In 2022, it will definitely be the time when the whole world respectively calls the name of WELUPS. Also, many other people will regret missing their opportunity to invest in  Welups in 2021

And here are some important analyses revealing the first days of the new year 2022 for the Welups community as below.

1. Welups is the generation of Blockchain 3.0 – a Blockchain application, not just a crypto, a token or a finance project, etc. In which, WEL is the main coin of Welups Blockchain for all applications in its ecosystem, and even the next million applications and new projects will be created on the Welups platform in 2022. Therefore, WEL will be used as the common currency of all projects, including both the applications and the whole ecosystem.

2. For easier understanding, we can think of Welups like Ethereum, Binance (BSC), TRON, EOS, etc., and WEL is similar to ETH, BNB, TRX, etc. on the market.

Most the blockchain projects using ICO, IEO or IDO fundraising models will supply to the market a large amount of coin/token When those coins/tokens are listed, people who holdings the coins/tokens from the early stage will try to sell out on exchanges, making it really difficult for those coins/tokens to grow steadily.

The value distinction of Welups is that during the IEO sale, only a small and limited amount be sold to the community on Vutrades This amount is only 3%of the total supply at max, currently stored on the Vutrades exchange and it will be available for exchanging after February 15, 2022. So these amounts of WEL in IEO will not be offered to the market when WEL starts trading freely on exchanges in January 2022. This action will help WEL grow in accordance with the strategy as proposed.

3. The amount of WEL on Blockchain wallets (https://welscan.io/accounts) held by individual customers is very small, just over 1% of the total supply of  44.88 billion WELs

  • 80% of Welups is held by Omanee and the Welups Foundation will not release to the market until July 2022.
  • A maximum of 20% of the total supply will be circulated on the market from January 2022 to June 2022 in our partnership campaign.

Specifically, up to 6 billion WELs (out of 20% of the total) will only be distributed to partners who buy Package and receive WEL in 6 months respectively, helping WEL not be sold off by big investors in the market. Therefore, there is no effect on the growth strategy of WEL in the first 6 months (as the WEL’s target price will be $0.1 – $0.5) of 2022.

4. According to the proposed strategy, Welups has been and will get listed on several leading international exchanges. As planned, in January 2022, WEL will be listed on 7-10 exchanges and will reach the listing target of 30-50 top exchanges in the world such as Binance, FTX, Coinbase, Huobi, KuCoin, etc. by March 2022.

With buying power and large trading volume on the international exchanges listed by WEL, there is a huge and promising opportunity for WEL to grow  prestigious

5. 2022 will also be the right time for Welups official promotion campaign launching globally through the OUTSIDE THE BLOCK series of events in Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Dubai. This will attract many big tech giants, large corporations, and VCs around the world. In particular, OTB events will be the stepping stone for thousands of Dapp in the Welups Blockchain ecosystem to be created and applied.

6. Not just stopping there, several strategic plans and products from the ecosystem of Omanee as well as its partners introduced alternately from January to March 2022 will be a “big hit” on the global market to help WEL price breakthrough spectacularly.

The new year 2022 will be a resounding success for all investors holding WEL also opening up many potential opportunities for the global community in January 2022 when WEL is officially listed on the top international exchanges.

Let’s keep updated with us to receive news of WELUPS on our official channels.

And don’t forget to hoard a lot of WELs, HODL them, and sell at the right time 😊.

2022 is truly a wealthy year for all the global Welups community. Thank you for being with us and being a wise investor.

Welcome to Wealthy  >>  WELUPS

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