CONGRATULATIONS️ – WEL price has reached $0.0018

CONGRATULATIONS️ – WEL price has reached $0.0018

Today WEL has officially reached the price of $0.0018, that’s means increased 3.6 times in 4 months! A desirable number compared to all other cryptocurrencies!

Well-known coins like DOGE, ADA, even TRX, in the first 6 months after the ICO, the price is almost unchanged or even goes down. But with WEL, since the 1st IEO so far has been increasing steadily in price despite the raging COVID 19. A dream start for any cryptocurrency!

What made WEL so successful?

OMANEE Group Assurance: OMANEE is a multinational corporation with headquarters in Singapore and Dubai, specializing in Finance and Investment. WEL is guaranteed by the digital bank NEEBank of OMANEE group is the premise for interested and trustful of investors around the world.

An advanced platform: WEL is the coin of the Welups platform – Identified Blockchain Platform is considered the most advanced and secure today with the ability to identify chain participants using IDshare technology

A strong community: Cryptocurrency investment community in OMANEE group’s previous projects such as NEE, PAYA is very large and always believes in transparency and safety in OMANEE’s policies so when the corporation OMANEE launched an ambitious WEL project that immediately attracted a large number of investors to invest in WEL, causing the price of WEL to continuously increase through IEOs.

Currently, WEL is still on track to the company’s roadmap despite the ongoing difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the roadmap, at the beginning of 2022 WEL will officially go on the free exchange and it will definitely be a big hit when right in this IEO period WEL is so HOT! Let’s join in WEL and wait for WEL to the Moon!