Be a solid and modern platform, Welups will bring unlimited power to the applications in its ecosystem


WEL Is the currency used in the Welups network and related ecosystems. It is a token issued on TRC-20 platform, based on the POS (Proof of Stake). Working on Tron’s Blockchain platform at the beginning, it will split and run on its own Blockchain platform.

Welups wallet

Not only limited to WEL, Welwallet can also store other coins in the ID Share ecosystem such as PAYA, AWE, NEE, USDex providing easy usability in the large IDshare ecosystem.

Welups Dapps

WELUPS-powered tools and services to disrupt business models or invent new ones with a decentralized platform

Welups blockchain identity

The original is the desire to bring a community of identified users, Welups identity technology has been expanding to bring a world where all citizens are digitally identified. Welups Identify now also gives you the ability to identify your assets.


Built on the most advanced IDshare-base and Blockchain technology, Vutrades provide a fast, safe and effective way to trade and make profits. You can find various ways to increase your total assets through trading cryptocurrency, investing, gaming, betting, gambling.

Community Projects

VuWo is Comunity Projects use technology to enrich the lives of digital citizens. VuWo applications and communications social platforms and smart projects: VuLive, VuTrades, VuIn, VuTek, VuCare… connect users, with digital content and daily life services in just a few touch.