Listing on the international exchanges – A significant breakthrough of WELUPS

Listing on the international exchanges – A significant breakthrough of WELUPS

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the digital transformation process across various industries all over the world. Especially in the finance and investment sectors, investors are becoming more accustomed to participating in the blockchain area and having more interest in cryptocurrencies. As expected, the number of new investors in the crypto industry is rapidly increasing recently.


One of the best newly launched cryptocurrencies that draw individual investors, financial & investment institutions’ attention is WELUPS. The reason is that our WELUPS is highly appreciated by several multi-industry experts by containing many necessary factors to become the next legend in crypto. Comprehensive DApp ecosystem, solid blockchain development platform, crowd and extremely enthusiast community are the key potential factors for an awesome booming. With the official listing of WELUPS on several leading international exchanges, it is now a very good time for global investors to grab this clear opportunity for their investment portfolio in 2022. 


Based on Blockchain 3.0, digital identity technology makes WELUPS extremely safe, easy to trade and has higher investment potential than ever before while inheriting fully all of the advantages of previous generations. Specifically, on January 10th, the LBank exchange has officially listed WELUPS. And, by the end of this Jan, WELUPS will continue getting listed on several other international leading crypto exchanges as XT, HOO, Latoken, and Indoex. Moreover, it is just the very beginning of the greater start of WELUPS in a marvelous 2022.  


Welups ecosystem includes applications for digital ID verification, asset verification, e-wallet, DApps, etc. It allows global digital citizens to encrypt their digital assets (cars, real estate, gold, devices, or any digitized valuables)  into NFTs.


Now is the time to seize the trend, open up widely the opportunity to your financial freedom with Welups limitless potential. 


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