Mar 17, 2022

Metaverse – The Future of 3D Digital World

The Metaverse is now a mainstream concept presenting a virtual 3D universe that brings different virtual spaces together. Moreover, the Metaverse presents the possibility of working, meeting, gaming and socializing within the 3D spaces. 

Video games are at present the closest the world is to the Metaverse experience as developers continue to explore the boundaries of what a game is. This is by hosting game-based events as well as the creation of virtual economies. 

Blockchain, Metaverse-like applications are already existent and operational with people already earning liveable incomes. Looking into the future, there are many big technology companies have already set the path. 

However, with the decentralized elements of the blockchain ecosystem, even smaller players can be partisan to Metaverse development. Although it is yet to secure a full existence there are certain platforms like Welups that already showcase Metaverse-like elements. 

Established atop some of the future’s key technologies like Blockchain and IDshare, Welups platform is well equipped to become the platform of the future. This is a credit to its offerings, including digital banking, credit services, and a platform that supports worldwide transactions.

Looking towards the Metaverse, Welups’ digital identity feature becomes the theme. This has been applied on social media applications, and can extend to the Metaverse, where gamers would still need a digital identity. 

Welups blockchain is poised to create the world’s first identity platform. This completely changes how people use social media networks and their interactions with businesses. 

Through the Welups platform, its ecosystem provides multiple application layers targeted at helping digital citizens to enjoy a virtual environment that is not only safe but better as well.

About Welups Foundation

Welups is a Dubai-based organization and the first blockchain-based Identity platform in the digital world for identity verified social media applications, digital banking, credit services, entertainment and all of the other key services for a future society in the digital world. The platform has been designed and structured to be compatible with a broad variety of other technical solutions.

Welups is specializing in innovations in the area of Blockchain Identity Management, NFT, and digital asset management. This is due to the project’s commitment to enabling the establishment of a totally decentralized internet, e-commerce, and life services.


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