Apr 29, 2022

Mooneex - The Best Place For Launching IEO Of WRC-20 Projects

An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is a method of fundraising where the funding takes place on a chosen crypto exchange platform like Mooneex, an exchange built on Welups platform. The exchange will administer the sale on the startup’s behalf. In this regard, Mooneex provides the perfect platform for DApp developers, giving them the ideal platform where they can conveniently raise funds for their projects.

IEO on Mooneex exchange - a native exchange of Welups platform -helps DApp developers get benefit from the platform's rich network community. The top-tier quality of the platform gives top-notch performance, the potential for growth and accessibility. WELUP's WRC-20 network has total compatibility with both TRC-20 and ERC-20 networks. Its powering coin links the whole Welups network, including the platform and the ecosystem at large. This linking capability is achieved through numerous applications powering all on-chain activities.

Launching an IEO on Mooneex exchange comes with immediate listing on the exchange following a successful token sale. This enables you to sell to a wider and global pool of investors. So how do you IEO your tokens on Mooneex?

How to IEO your tokens on Mooneex

As a DApp developer looking to IEO your tokens on Mooneex, you must first submit the necessary documentation for consideration. Among the required documentation include whitepaper, roadmap and token economics (Tokenomics). The whitepaper provides an explanation of your blockchain project, the tokenomics involved in that particular project, and how you plan to distribute the funds that you will collect from the IEO.

When preparing the whitepaper, take note of the fact that this is what will demonstrate to your potential investors why they should invest in your project by purchasing the tokens being issued through the IEO. You should also properly list the team members very well along with their qualifications and their contact information.

It is imperative to note, however, that only projects built on WRC-20 are qualified for IEO.  The Welups blockchain thoroughly vets all projects issuing tokens for credibility, allowing you to conduct token sales in a transparent and legitimate way.

Critical considerations

When choosing a platform on which to launch your IEO, you should first consider whether the exchange is registered to operate. You should also do a background check to find out about its reputation; whether it has been involved in irregularities in the past and if any, how it resolved them. Mooneex platform passes all these checks.

Mooneex is built on Welups Platform, a platform that had been registered and licensed to operate. The blockchain itself has a very strong back up for the token they produce. Their public profiles are clear, which goes a long way to prove their level of transparency.

Investors are more drawn to regulated exchanges, which makes launching your IEO on a registered exchange an added advantage. You also avoid the risk of getting your IEO interrupted by legal case battles.

IEO Benefits

Besides the obvious IEO advantages, such as raising funds from an existing and stable user base, there are other benefits of using this approach, and most especially when it is on the Welups blockchain. These include:


Welups provides for a simple and cost-effective way to raise funds through the IEO method. This is because all KYC/AML processes and listing are performed by the exchange, which goes a long way to save you the hassle.


With IEO on Mooneex, you are able to build trust with investors right from the start ensuring a successful and effective crowdsale.


As an IEO platform, Welups blockchain manages all smart contract transactions ensuring better security for both the token insurer and investors.

About Welups

WELUPS is a WRC-20 blockchain-powered platform for identity verified social media applications, digital banking, credit services, entertainment and all of the other key services for a future society in the digital world. Knownsec Blockchain Lab - A company with 9 years of experience in blockchain enterprise security services has released Welups Audit report: A total of 0 security problem, of which 0 serious-risk, 0 high-risk, 0 medium-risk & 0 low-risk code files or functions, comprehensive assessment as PASS 


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