Apr 16, 2022

NFT Airdrop Revolutionizes the Crypto Industry by Offering Lot of Money to Holders

NFTs are like a digital asset which could record the ownership of a digital file like an image, video, or text. Moreover, there is no guarantee of the value of NFT’s and the market is rich with fraud, scams, counterfeits, and market manipulation. 

Every day it is common to hear a new crypto token or a new non-fungible token (NFT) project being introduced in the market. More so, with the rise in competition within the digital asset and NFT space, developers have come up with new strategies to promote their digital projects. 

Through NFT airdrops, many crypto enthusiasts could gain their profits getting more money out of free airdrops. Notably, there are also many NFT airdrop scams happening in the crypto industry. 


How to Avoid NFT Airdrop Scams

To Avoid NFT airdrops by double- and triple-checking the site to which you are connecting your Metamask wallet, or any other NFT wallet - do not connect your wallet to a site that you are not 100% comfortable with. Make sure you ask around first, and remember:

-Verifying an account (Twitter blue check) has no meaning

-Follower counts have no meaning

-The only thing scammers cannot do is change the @ handle of an account they bought or hacked and took over. Changing your Twitter handle will result in losing your verified status.

So A good way to perform due diligence is to type in the @ name on Twitter and view the history of interactions with the handle. It's easy to see what they discussed on Twitter over the past few years, and if they weren't talking about non-fungible tokens or cryptocurrencies, chances are it was a scam.

The Internet Wayback machine allows you to see what the Twitter account looked like in the past. It is even possible to find a BAYC on Opensea and see who owns it, then see if it matches the Twitter profile picture the user is using.


About Welups Foundation

Welups is a Dubai-based organization and the first blockchain-based Identity platform in the digital world for identity verified social media applications, digital banking, credit services, entertainment and all of the other key services for a future society in the digital world. The platform has been designed and structured to be compatible with a broad variety of other technical solutions.

Welups is specializing in innovations in the area of Blockchain Identity Management, NFT, and digital asset management. This is due to the project’s commitment to enabling the establishment of a totally decentralized internet, e-commerce, and life services.


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