Apr 06, 2022

Welups Revealed Its Partnership With Metahorse and Vlink on OTB Event

Identity blockchain platform Welups made a strategic partnership with two most promising platforms Metahorse and Vlink. 


Welups is a unique identity blockchain platform that provides identity to each and every individual to reduce the risk of fraud and scams. Through partnership with Welups many startup companies will get more benefits. Below are the list of few benefits Mr. David Lang, COO Of Omanee Corporation mentioned in the Outside the Block (OTB) event. 

  • Access to Welups ecosystem to test your case study

  • Fast and easy to deploy

  • Promote your products to our communities

  • Investment opportunity

  • Partnership to co-develop new products

  • Support from our technical team


Welups announced officially that they partnered with Metahorse and Vlink at the OTB event which happened on March 31, 2022 at the Godolphin Ballroom, Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel in Dubai.



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To note, Metahorse platform integrates reality and virtual worlds with the element of Play-to-Earn that allows oneself to benefit from both worlds. At Metahorse, the team aspires to create an ecosystem that encapsulates high-performance gaming experience, such as Jogging Mode, Racing Mode, Rank Mode, Tournament Mode & Metaverse Tournament. 


Moreover, the Metahorse aims to serve as an engaging community with a thriving economy: while ensuring the balance of the ecosystem of both reality and the virtual world’s economy by leveraging on blockchain technology. 


On otherhand, Vlinkgroup is based in Houston - US. In addition, the VLINKGROUP is a pioneering enterprise, its primary objective being to create a symbiotic ecosystem of services and utilities which can seamlessly work both together and independent of each other within a trustworthy and safe environment. 

More so, the VLINKGROUP is now expanding on its initial blueprint within the nail and beauty industry, incorporating businesses from the food service, retail, Real Estate, E-Banking and other industries under the same umbrella. Concurrently, Vlinkgroup is utilizing the modern advantages of Blockchain Supply Chain technology, Tokenization, Ecommerce and Vlinkpay to ensure transactions within this environment are transparent, safe and seamlessly integrated within the ecosystem.


About Welups Foundation

Welups is a Dubai-based organization and the first blockchain-based Identity platform in the digital world for identity verified social media applications, digital banking, credit services, entertainment and all of the other key services for a future society in the digital world. The platform has been designed and structured to be compatible with a broad variety of other technical solutions.


Welups is specializing in innovations in the area of Blockchain Identity Management, NFT, and digital asset management. This is due to the project’s commitment to enabling the establishment of a totally decentralized internet, e-commerce, and life services.


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