Jan 27, 2022


The livestream took place on Jan 09th, 2022 with the participation of Omane’s CTO, Mr. Jake Nguyen and CPO, Mr. Harry Pham. During the interview, the CTO and CPO of Omanee shared important information about the WELUPS roadmap with audiences in the livestream. Here are the key recap information:


Some information about the WELUPS project

  • Vision: Building an ecosystem with fully identified users and businesses, thereby solving the issue of today’s social networks: fake accounts and digital fraud. 
  • Progress: Completed Blockchain 3.0, currently focusing on developing DApps and expanding the global partnership.
  • The superiority of Blockchain WELUPS: Much faster, more efficient, cheaper than other 1.0 and 2.0 blockchain like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Trends of the world 2022:

  • In 2017, the question of the world is still what is Blockchain, but now the question has become what is NFT? What is the NFT game? What are the benefits of your blockchain?

WELUPS Mass Adopt Solution:

  • Expanding activities and marketing to help more people understand better about not only WELUPS ecosystem but also Blockchain technology.
  • Building the WELUPS Foundation to give wide access to blockchain in the good hands of everyone.

Plan for the first quarter of 2022

  • Build Swap between WELUPS and other blockchain platforms like BSC, ETH, TRON
  • Improve the user experience on 
  • Release more useful features of WELUPS Wallet
  • Strengthen IDShare’s key features 


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