Jun 02, 2022

Welups - Platform with a separate Blockchain

Surely you still remember the period of the years 2020 - 2021, the blooming period of blockchain projects around the world. No exaggeration, every day hundreds of new blockchain projects are born. Most of the projects are similar, with few to no differences: they are single projects, with little investment, do not build their own blockchain but reuse available existing platforms such as ETH, Tron, Solana. These projects make people interested in blockchain technology or new investors in the blockchain field feel bewildered, but fortunately, such projects usually do not last long. The common outcome of these projects is it can not attract investors because there is no platform of their own, no breakthrough, and the project soon reaches a dead end when facing dozens of other similar projects.

Welups was also formed and developed during the blockchain boom of the 2000s. However, not following the crowd, the Welups blockchain platform soon built a separate path and a blockchain platform of its own. Oriented to building a platform for building identity applications, which is currently very much lacking in the Internet. In August 2021, Welups launched the WelupsBlockchain test-net, and shortly after, September of this year. 2021, Welups blockchain continues to launch main-net.

Although the cost to build and maintain a Blockchain platform is very high and requires a lot of time and people, however, seeing its long-term and independent direction, Welups has decided to build its own platform and succeeded in creating the current Welups Blockchain.

Owning a separate core chain has partly shown the investment of Welups compared to other blockchain projects. It can be said that building a separate, independent platform is a long-term but certain direction of Welups, making it easy for the platform to develop strongly in the future without being tied to other platforms which differ in terms of orientation, technology and management.

Welups blockchain is a separate, advanced Blockchain 3.0 platform, using the DPoS consensus algorithm with 27 super representatives and 101 other supernodes to jointly operate the system.

It is thanks to the application of the latest achievements of blockchain technology that Welups has outstanding transaction processing speed (2000 TPS), low average block time (3 seconds) along with low transaction fees and is easier to scale than old Blockchain platforms like BTC, ETH, Cardano, Polkadot

Not depending on other platforms helps Welups to proactively come up with its own smart contract standards for digital identity purposes. WRC 10 is for storing information, WRC 20 is for issuing tokens, and WRC 721 is for NFTs.

The ground for blockchain development is still very large and owning a separate blockchain has given Welups a solid base from which to build its cities.

Visit to experience and learn more about the Welups Blockchain main-net.

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