Outside the Block – the key for taking the lead

Outside the Block – the key for taking the lead

Thinking “outside the box” is the key to being the leader! In Blockchain, “Outside the Block” is the key for taking the lead and bringing innovation to the World.

“Outside The Block” is named for an Identity Blockchain Exhibition – An annual event in Southeast Asia and UAE has launched by OMANEE Corporation since 2018, which brings opportunity for all participants to gain insights from different industries within the broad field of FinTech and Blockchain, to hear from and interact with leaders in their respective fields, to recognize the unity of Finance and Technology, and finally, to appreciate the disruptive application of Blockchain in many aspects of our new world.

This year’s exhibition, On the 19 December 2021 at Dubai Jumeirah Emirates Towers, will showcase a whole new idea of a blockchain platform where every identity is verified, called identity blockchain. Additionally, the Omanee ecosystems will be officially launched. Throughout the project showcases run by Omanee and Partners during the event, we hope all participants take away a newly discovered passion for the FinTech-Blockchain field and an eagerness to shape the industry in the coming years with the knowledge learned from the industry workshops and guest speakers.

Conferences like “Outside the Block” are the best opportunity for us to meet and talk with the leaders in the blockchain field to understand more about blockchain, the value it brings, and at the same time, find out the promising opportunities for ourselves. That is how the world’s top leaders see and grasp the world’s trends, to take the lead and bring innovation to the World.


  • Join a collaboration of technologists, artists, startups, entrepreneurs, and investors engaging directly with the latest developments in Ethereum, blockchain, and decentralization.
  • Meet C-level company representatives, crypto enthusiasts, investors, blockchain startups, traders, NFT artists from all around the world.
  • Get benefit from the genuinely professional connections.
  • Discuss the importance of growth in blockchain projects on an expert panel with investment industry leaders.
  • Help decision-makers, technologists, and developers understand the value of blockchain to their businesses regardless of industry.


Join us at “Outside the Block” Conference to be the leader!