Vutrades is the exchange developed and supported by the WELUPS Platform. Aiming for a new way to exchange not only cryptocurrency but also other assets. Built on the most advanced IDshare-base and Blockchain technology, Vutrades provide a fast, safe and effective way to trade and make profits. You can find various ways to increase your total assets through trading cryptocurrency, investing, gaming, betting, gambling.

Which tokens are accepted in Vutrades?

Right now, WEL, PAYA, AWE, NEE, USDex are widely accepted in Vutrades at most of the services.
We also support converting from other popular currencies like Cash, Bitcoin, ETH… to Tokens are accepted in Vutrades

Vutrades services

Vutrades owns a wide service system covering from the financial sector to life utilities and entertainment.
On Vutrades you can create your investments, earn profits by trading virtual currencies and NFT assets, paid for asset management and care services, play games, gamble. All are built-in on Vutrades

Vutrades Road map