Coin of a connect ecosystem

Intending to become one of the most advanced blockchain technology, WELUPS combined all the individual ecosystems into a unified one with WELUPS coin as the link. Thanks to the advancement of blockchain generation 3.0, WELUPS immediately inherits the ability to be integrated into numerous different ecosystems, and as a result, the number of applications and services that accept WELUPS multiplies rapidly.
IDBank Ecosystem

IDBank is an ecosystem of applications and services for digital banking, fintech, etc., bringing professional and modern solutions that are superior to the traditional banking and finance industry.

IDShare Ecosystem

Providing identity applications and tools, IDshare is the most advanced technology platform in the field of identity blockchain today. Providing identity authentication to previously anonymous blockchains offers a new way to build a safer and cleaner internet

VuWo Ecosystem

VuWo uses technology to enrich the daily living experiences of digital citizens. VuWo smart
applications and other communication social platforms (including VuLive, VuTrades, VuIn,
VuTek, VuCare, etc…) are built to connect users with everyday digital content and life services in just a few touch.