The World First Identity Blockchain Platform

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    149.6 Billion
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    21 Billion
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    37,930 Billion
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    10,97 Billion
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    1 Billion

WEL - The Start Of Wealth

WEL is a coin based on the WRC-20 standard, issued by Welups as the native currency of the entire Welups platform and its ecosystem, utilized for all trades, contracts, and services. In another way, WEL connects the entire WELUPS ecosystem with abundant applications that power transactions and applications on the chain.

*WEL is officially IEO on Vutrades platform
Price: $0.0016




  • March, 2021 – December, 2021 : Issued in TRON TOKEN (TRC20)
  • June, 2021 : Testnet official launch
  • January, 2022 : Mainnet official launch
  • January, 2022 : Transferred to WELUPS BLOCKCHAIN

Welups - The Almighty Wand To Create Future World

Blockchain Technology

WEL coin

WEL coin will connect all applications inside and outside the Welups platform with WEL as the basic currency but still maximize the ability to trade with other cryptocurrencies Read More


Vutrades exchange offers cryptocurrency trading and investment. Furthermore, you can use the Dapps to make more profits through BO trading, betting, casino ... Read More

Community Projects

VuWo Ecosystem is a vast Wel-base-ecosystem, providing assets management and care solutions. VuWo provided an easy way to NFT your assets for manager and trade on Vutrades Read More

Welups Dapps

Welups-powered tools and services to disrupt business models or invent new ones with a decentralized platform Read More

Welups Blockchain Identity

Welups Blockchain Identity, as its name, providing a social network of identity, digital citizen along with the ability to identify NFT assets on the VuWo ecosystem Read More

Welups Wallet

A key for asset 4.0 An application for money 4.0 management. Allowing users to login identified applications in Welups ecosystem Read More


The ship to the future has started! Will you get on board with us?


On The News

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WELUPS WALLET APP – The future of Blockchain Wallet

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