WELUPS - The Start Of Wealth

WELUPS is the main cryptocurrency issued in the Welups blockchain network. It is a cryptocurrency issued on the WRC-20 platform which is fully compatible with TRC-20 and ERC-20 by Welups as the native currency of the entire Welups platform and its ecosystem. WELUPS connects the entire Welups ecosystem with abundant applications that power transactions and applications on the chain. WELUPS is a cryptocurrency tailored to provide banks and payment providers with a reliable solution for cross-border payments.

The public sale on the partner’s platforms and exchanges will be taken place by Jan 2022.


Total supply :   45,250,016,459

  • March, 2021 – August, 2021: Issued in TRON (TRC20)
  • June, 2021: Testnet official launch
  • August, 2021: Main net official launch
  • September, 2021: Transferred to WELUPS BLOCKCHAIN
  • October, 2021: Launched Welups wallet 1.0 - Welscan.io
  • November, 2021: Partnership program for joining in as Block Producers (Super Representative)
  • December, 2021: Welups Foundation will be founded in Singapore

Welups wallet

Simple and secure wallet

Welups Wallet is the official crypto wallet of Welups blockchain. With an easy to use and friendly interface, you can send, receive and store WELUPS, PAYA, NEE and a wide range of stable coins safely and securely with the Welups Wallet mobile app.

WELSCAN - The First Blockchain Browser

WELSCAN is the first blockchain browser in the WELUPS community. It supports multiple login methods and provides a complete browsing and search experience.

visit to welscan.io
WELUPS - The Almighty Wand To Create Future World

Welups - Building Future

Welups blockchain acts as one of the most important elements in the IDShare eKYC core. Serve the user-focused application layer containing social media networks, crypto-banking applications, the mobile wallet, and NFT-based applications.

Welups blockchain also natively supported DEXs, DeFI platforms in and out of our ecosystem giving token holders of WELUPS, our main cryptocurrency, countless ways of utilizing WELUPS for their own benefit.


  • Welups blockchain launched Mainnet

    2021 september
  • 2021 november

    inNFT core 1.0 launched

  • NEEBANK crypto bank 1.0

    2021 december
  • 2021 december

    Welups Foundation is founded in Singapore

  • WELUPS will be up for public sale on multiple platforms by January 2022

    2022 january


2019 - 2021
  • Core Chain Research and Development - Mainnet 1.0
  • Explorers, Wallet, Exchanges, Developer API Library Development.
  • Dapps Development: Digital Bank and Decentralized Social Network.
2022 - 2023
  • Current blockchain generations bridge: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bsc, Tron, etc.
  • NFT application solutions development such as GameFi, Marketplace, and Asset Cryptography.
  • Solutions for authentication and identifying individuals and assets
  • Core Chain Identifier Development: Mainnet 2.0
2024 - 2030
  • Mainnet 3.0 - Processing speed improvement and application of new consensus algorithms.
  • Perfecting the global decentralized identity platform - Welups Identity Blockchain.
  • Building a smart city model applying big data, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and artificial intelligence.

The ship to the future has started! Will you get on board with us?


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