Welups - Create For A Better World

Founded in Dubai, the Welups platform is a part of the IDshare ecosystem, supported by VUWO, OMANEE, PAYAWE, and our digital banking service NEEBank… Welups platform is built on future core technologies – Blockchain and IDshare – giving Welups the ability to perform credit and financial services and other commercial transactions in a fast, transparent, and most safest way. Welups has all the necessary to become the platform of the future – a platform for identity verified social media applications, digital banking, credit services, and a platform to connect global transactions.

Welups - Unlimited Power

Welups inherits all the advantages of Ethereum and Tron platforms to create a completely new platform that easily integrates with many other technology products.

  • Identification: Not only users but also digital assets
  • Can’t be interfered or tracked
  • The platform of truly Decentralized Financial Applications
  • Easily links with other platforms to expand the ecosystem.

Welups - Because We Are Different

As the most advanced Blockchain with the ability to identify users and assets, we bring unlimited power for users and applications on the platform.

  • The growth of WELUPS value brings you a steady increase in wealth.
  • The ability to link to other platforms brings a large and continuously expanding ecosystem.
  • High transaction processing capacity and low transaction fees

Welups - Building the future

• WELUPS platform will be a revolution in Blockchain Identity Management as well as
NFT and digital asset management
• This is an ambitious project exclusively built for the establishment of a truly
decentralized Internet and digital infrastructure.
• The first platform to create applications such as Identity Verified Social Network,
digital banking, credit supply, and other services to connect global transactions.
• Build life values when applying technology and push the world’s development


Nassima Tower,

301. Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre District

P.O Box 124303, Dubai , UAE