Welups inherits all the advantages of Ethereum and Tron platforms to create a completely new platform that easily integrates with many other technology products.

  • Identification: Not only users but also digital assets
  • Can’t be interfered or tracked
  • The platform of truly Decentralized Financial Applications
  • Easily links with other platforms to expand the ecosystem.

As the most advanced Blockchain with the ability to identify users and assets, we bring unlimited power for users and applications on the platform.

  • The growth of WELUPS value brings you a steady increase in wealth.
  • The ability to link to other platforms brings a large and continuously expanding ecosystem.
  • High transaction processing capacity and low transaction fees.

Welups - Building Future

Welups blockchain acts as one of the most important elements in the IDShare eKYC core. Serve the user-focused application layer containing social media networks, crypto-banking applications, the mobile wallet, and NFT-based applications.

Welups blockchain also natively supported DEXs, DeFI platforms in and out of our ecosystem giving token holders of WELUPS, our main cryptocurrency, countless ways of utilizing WELUPS for their own benefit.



Nassima Tower, 301. Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre District P.O Box 124303, Dubai , UAE

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